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No Pradaxa Antidote

No antidote for Pradaxa PillsAll anticoagulants are essentially blood thinners.  Medications like Pradaxa, Coumadin, Heparin, and even Aspirin block the body’s ability to form blood clots.  For people with certain heart conditions, this keeps harmful clots from forming, traveling to the brain, and causing a stroke.

At the same time, these drugs put patients at a higher risk of hemorrhage, or excessive bleeding.  Because the body cannot create clots with anticoagulants in the blood system, it does not have a mechanism to stop hemorrhages.  This is especially dangerous in the event of internal bleeding.

Most of these anticoagulants have an antidote that neutralizes their blood thinning effect, thus allowing the body to clot blood again naturally.  For Coumadin, vitamin K removes its anticoagulant properties.  Protamine sulfate immediately reverses the effect of Heparin.

Pradaxa, however, does NOT have an antidote.  If a patient begins to hemorrhage internally, there is NO way reverse it’s effect.  In fact, the only option for patients suffering from internal bleeding with Pradaxa in their bloodstream is dialysis to slowly remove it from their system.  Researchers have speculated that in two to three hours, dialysis can only remove, at most, 60% of the Pradaxa from a patient’s system.  This can lead to a significant amount blood loss and has resulted in hundreds of deaths that could have been prevented if Pradaxa had an antidote.

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