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Pradaxa a Higher Risk to the Elderly

Pradaxa, like all blood thinning medications, presents the risk of serious internal bleeding to those taking it.  That risk is significantly higher if patients being prescribed Pradaxa are elderly, age 75 or older.

According to the RE-LY study (randomized evaluation of long-term anticoagulant therapy) patients age 75 or older are almost two and a half times more likely to suffer serious internal bleeding while taking Pradaxa than patients younger than 75.

The study also found that elderly patients are almost twice as likely to suffer a dangerous intracranial bleeding injury than their younger counterparts.

This higher risk of internal bleeding, along with common balance and fall issues among the elderly, is exacerbated by the fact that no reversal agent is available for Pradaxa.  Essentially, with Praxada in the blood stream, there is way to stop internal bleeding when it occurs.

This fact was recently highlighted when an 83 year old Pradaxa patient suffered a massive brain hemorrhage after a routine fall.  Initially, CT scans showed only minor areas of bleeding in his brain.  After 2 hours with no way to stop the bleeding, however, the hemorrhaging increased, he fell into a coma, and died shortly after.

If you, or someone you know, are taking Pradaxa and are a member of the at-risk elderly population and have experienced internal bleeding, you may need to consult an experienced Pradaxa attorneyto explain your rights and outline the risks you have been exposed to.

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